Webcams and Video Hosting Sites


A webcam is a small digital camera that connects with your computer. They enable users to record video and take pictures which can then be shared on the internet.

Digizen, a website dedicated to providing young people information on digital citizenship and digital safety says the following about webcams:

Benefits: Webcams let you see, in real time (i.e. live), people you are chatting to, places or events. They can have educational value – they can bring far-off places to life; be used to view experiments; be used for video-conferencing; and be used to facilitate collaboration between schools in different parts of the country or the world. They can also help families to keep in touch with friends and relatives.

Risks: Children have been persuaded to take or send inappropriate photographs of themselves, either by their friends or by people they have only had contact with online. Webcam use can be difficult to supervise if the computer is in a child’s bedroom or private space. Although fairly rare, there have been cases of people using virus programmes that can ‘hijack’ the output of a remote webcam and send the images to their own computers.

Webcams and bullying: Children can be persuaded or threatened into doing things on a webcam that they might not have otherwise done – undressing or acting in unsuitable ways, for example. Once someone else has content the child or young person would not like their parents to know about or be made public, they are at risk of being further manipulated or threatened.


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