Tips and Tutorials

Suggestions for parents

-Have your child show you how they use the internet (via
-What parents and educators should know about Facebook (via Facebook)
-Violence prevention tips (via the Olweus bullying prevention program)
-Why do parents sometimes miss the signs of bullying? (via
-Parental control software for your child’s cell phone (via
-What to do if my child is being cyberbullied (via the Megan Meier Foundation)

Featured Twitter Tutorial

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Featured Facebook Tutorial


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Featured Video Hosting and Skype Tutorial

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Messaging and other social media tutorials

Instant text messaging

Instant messaging safety tips (via
What to do about text messaging bullying (via the committee for children)
What is text bullying? (via


-How to deal with sexting teens (via Psychology Today)
-Tips on how to prevent teenage sexting (via


Educational PSA Videos

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Educational quizzes

Facts on cyberbullying (via
Dealing with cyberbullying (via
Addressing cyberbullying (via