General Cyberbullying Information

-The National Crime Prevention Center monitors cyberbullying in all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico.
-Find out what cyberbullying is exactly according to the organization Stop Cyberbullying.
-Why kids cyberbully each other according to Stop Cyberbullying
-Fact sheet on cyberbullying produced by the non-profit
-Digizen, a digital safety website compiled information on cyberbullying in the UK into this compact, visually appealing pdf that provides key information on preventing and responding to cyberbullying. It also provides information on how technology is used to bully as well as key safety advice.

Cyberbullying Statistics

-Bullying Statistic site offers stats from multiples studies done on cyberbullying
-Methods to stop cyberbullying from the bullying statistics website
-Troubled Teen 101 offers statistics on cyberbullying as well as ways to protect against it

Legal information provides a brief review of state cyberbullying laws and policies.
-Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 protects children under the age of 13.
-Alabama Student Harassment Prevention Act – HB 0216. Requires schools to develop policies to help with harassment, includes electronic forms of bullying.

Cyberbullying Prevention offers suggestions on how to prevent cyberbullying and how to stop it once it starts
-Addressing bullying in schools: An introduction to the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program by Susan P. Limber, Ph.D., from Clemson University
-Cyberbullying prevention resource site offers solutions on preventing cyberbullying and includes an option to download a prevention packet.
-Cyberbullying Report Anti-Bullying and Internet Safety Services is a site where users can “fight cyberbullying and make the internet a safer place on a global level safely and anonymously.” They provide internet safety resources and a means of report acts of cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying News

-Bullying News delivers headlines on bullying from the school yard to the workplace and cyberspace. For the most recent cyberbullying stories from around the United States.
-ABC’s television show “What Would You Do?” recently caught bystanders reaction to three girls cyberbullying a classmate online while laughing at a local coffee shop. The video really makes you stop and think, what would you if you saw someone cyberbullying another person?

More Information (from the National Crime Prevention Council)

Check out the following resources to learn more about preventing cyberbullying: All statistics from the 2006 Harris Interactive Cyberbullying Research Report, commissioned by the National Crime Prevention Council.

  • provides information about stopping cyberbullying before it starts.
  • Stop Cyberbullying Before It Starts (PDF) provides useful information for parents.
  • provides cyberbullying research, stories, cases, downloads, fact sheets, tips and strategies, news headlines, a blog, and a number of other helpful resources on their comprehensive public service website.
  • has a fun quiz to rate your online behavior, information about why some people cyberbully, and how to stop yourself from cyberbullying.
  • provides information about what to do if you are cyberbullied.
  • has information about what you can do to stop bullying.