About the site

“Cyberbullying.ua” was created as part of a University of Alabama Master’s program. The purpose of the site is to serve as a resource for both parents, teachers and children on the dangers and realities of cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying is a serious community issue affecting minors and this website is meant to serve as a hub of information and helpful tips on how to prevent and stop the act of cyberbullying.

The site is meant to provide a better understanding of what cyberbullying is and the  impact it can have on children. That understanding will hopefully be gained after reading the case studies and finding relevant solutions and tips on prevention. Here you will also find resources about the laws regarding cyberbullying. The site provides links to cyberbullying news via the resource page, as well as video tutorials on cyber-safety in setting up your child’s social media pages.

The site also provides a page for users to leave a comment or contribute their experience with cyberbullying. The goal here is that users reading about other people’s experiences who have battled with cyberbullying, will realize that they are not alone and find the strength to speak out and seek help.


About the creator

Katie Wood is a graduate student  studying community journalism at the University of Alabama. A requirement of the program is to tackle a community issue of the student’s choice. Wood found that the online community is equally if not more prevalent in the lives of today’s youth, and that the dangers of cyberbullying and the online community needed to be exposed. The idea to tackle this issue came aboutin August of 2011 when Wood’s 10-year-old brother asked for a Facebook account for his birthday that September. Her parents wrestled with the idea, but eventually decided to grant his wish.

It is only natural for young kids to want to join social media networks. They see their parents, siblings, friends and even teachers using and talking about sites like Facebook and Twitter on a daily basis. It is no doubt that they want to take part. However, most social media sites including Facebook have strict rules about the age at which users can join. That age is 13.

This led her to wonder how many parents are setting up social media profiles for their kids when they are too young to use and understand what they are getting into? She hopes that this site will provide both children and parents valuable insight on the dangersthe internet can pose to children, as well as ways to protect a child’s security online via short video tutorials on adjust online privacy settings.

To contact Katie Wood please email her at ekwood1@crimson.ua.edu